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In honor of Shuuen’s 4th novel release, some of us got together and did a collab in honor of it!!

(Or rather Rai said she wanted to draw something for the release and I did too, so I brought up the idea of us all doing a chibi so that we could do something big and cute and also less work then all of us drawing all that characters /slapped )

Ahhh thanks all you guys for doing this so last minute-! Despite that I really had fun! So if/when there’s another novel, let’s do another collab again! ^ 7^ so it’s not last minute again laughs

A-no: Appi, B-ka: Rie, C-na: Roi, D-suke: Rai, E-ki: Riiya 

our collab team is called Rated R //slapped 10000 times

i think a-no’s choice of clothing in the novels are a parka and shorts….

i always wondered what a-ya’s reaction to mearry tweeting c-ta would be. y’know if he was like, alive at the time.

I hope you don't mind me asking but what pairings do you ship? Sorry if it's bothering you D:

omg not at all, ummm. I can kinda dig any pairing.

A-ya/Rumors is my otp, though.

happy anniversary b-ko thank you for always beating up a-ya


I love your art! Your blog is super ghh <3

uuu thank you!! I’m super glad to hear that! ;v;

C-can I please use your Arikitari Actors pic as the background for my Tumblr? I'll credit you! (>.<)

' 7 ' Sure! I don't mind what people do with my art, hehe.

i can only draw DB being cute because in canon it hurts my soul

i can only draw DB being cute because in canon it hurts my soul